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Cullen Hoback

When he was a brash teenager, Cullen Hoback started a public-access program for the purpose of telling his small town exactly what was wrong with their political thinking. As an adult, he found a more effective way to speak truth to power by becoming a documentary filmmaker. His 2013 doc, Terms And Conditions May Apply, exposed the hidden dangers of online user agreements ahead of the Snowden NSA revelations, was a New York Times Critic's Pick, and was seen by millions worldwide. He hopes to reach even more people with What Lies Upstream, an expose about water contamination three years in the making.

John Ramos

Originally from New York City, John attended Princeton University and traded options on the floor of the American Stock Exchange before succumbing to his liberal roots and moving to California to become a film producer. His last two films, Terms And Conditions May Apply and What Lies Upstream, are social-issue documentaries that have enriched his spirit, if not his wallet. Currently, he's attached to produce two narrative features: Wannabe, a film about a nerdy Jewish boy and brash Caribbean-American girl coming together during NYC's 1991 Crown Heights Riots, and The Pilot, a biopic of Gene Roddenberry during the time he created Star Trek.

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