Flicksided: Great Indie Films, Not In A Theatre Near You


Director Cullen Hoback volunteers to teach at a summer performing arts camp. In return for teaching for free, Hoback is allowed to film his latest movie. He writes a script about characters based on the real staff and students of the camp and fabricated plot involving an affair between a married teacher and one of her students. As filming commences, the fiction in the script blends with reality…completely derailing Hoback’s film. What is eventually produced is Friction a film in which the intended narrative is seamlessly blended with an unintentional documentary, leaving audiences to wonder what is real and what is just a movie. Friction is the type of film Cinequest is made for: a cinematic experience so unique, there is nothing out there to compare it to. Friction was the best film I saw at the festival and the best I’ve seen all year. Keep an eye out for this one at festivals in your area or for a home video release in the future. It’s worth your time.